From Famous Female Nip Slips To Celebrities Forgetting To Wear Panties.

Tulisa Contostavlos leaving the x-factor auditions wearing all black, well nearly all black, it looks like her panties are white as they glow through her black tights.

Looking at the way Tulisa was clutching on to her handbag one has a feeling that she felt the camera attention was on her ample cleavage, but it wasn’t. The photographer was far more interested in finding out if Tulisa was wearing her panties and she was – girlie white ones with love hearts all over them. These celebrity panty shots were taken in London outside the Project Club.

I must say, Tulisa does look like she has lost a little of her spark since the celebrity sex tape footage footage of her giving her an ex a blowjob has been leaked out. The look on her face isn’t exactly what I would call a happy one, poor Tulisa.

I knew Tulisa Contostavlos was pretty but I have kind of fell in love with her since her appearances on the X-Factor as a judge to replace Danni Minogue. What do you think, has Tulisa got the x-factor appeal for you as she forgets herself just long enough for us to enjoy a flash of those silky white panties.

Tulisa Contostavlos from N-Dubz was out celebrating her 23rd birthday. I have no idea what was going through her mind as she made the most unlady like exit from her car. In a fantastic oops celebrity moment Tulisa flashed her tight black panties to the waiting press as they got a full on view in this celebrity upskirt moment.