From Famous Female Nip Slips To Celebrities Forgetting To Wear Panties.

Poppy Delevingne sporting a wardrobe malfunction and revealing her tight fitting panties which are forcing her to have an oops moment and a flash of her vulva. For those less familiar with Poppy Delevingne her  Wickipedia page describes her as an English model and socialite with rather well to do parents.


I wouldn’t usually include such a minor panty flash but I found myself drawn towards this ass shot of Selena Gomez. I admit this isn’t the greatest celebrity oops moment you will ever see, it isn’t really much of a flash of her panties, you can actually only see the bottom of her leg elastic and that is only because Selena Gomez was wearing bright blue panties. If you have a thing about gorgeous women in their stockings you might find it more appealing than most, maybe I have a stockings fetish and I never realised it before?

The Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez was caught unaware that a camera was pointing straight at her lady area as she exited a car, lucky for Eiza that she was wearing panties at the time, a nice shiny blue pair. Eizas navy blue panties were flashed outside Club DBA in West Hollywood, I bet she wishes she had kept that clutch bag better positioned.

Katy Perry is looking rather classy and more office girl material as she slips off a shoe to give her aching foot a quick rub. I know a few foot fetish fans and a few nylon lovers too who might be tempted to give something else a rub after seeing this upskirt moment of Katy Perry.


I wasn’t 100 percent certain as to whether Katy was wearing stockings or tights (Nylons to our USA friends) but on zooming in you can clearly see where the top of the flesh colour stocking meets the top of her thigh. At first I wasn’t sure either if Katy was wearing panties or not? The answer was YES she is wearing panties, they are flesh coloured and semi see through.

Forgive me for not using the zoomed in image, the quality isn’t very good, it just answers the question panties or pantyless and stockings or tights.