From Famous Female Nip Slips To Celebrities Forgetting To Wear Panties.

I was going through some of my older images last night and found one of Nicole Scherzinger flashing her panties in the back of a car. I then realised I had never got around to posting it on this site, so an oldie but still worth a look enjoy Nicole in a cracking celebrity upskirt moment.

Nicole Scherzinger put on a great performance in Beijing flashing her panties several times to the crowd including once where she almost showed a little more than she bargained for. Take a close look at the third image, is that a pussy lip I can see?


 Frontal view of Nicole on stage, not the best upskirt however we still get to see her sleek black panties.

I wonder how many times Nicole has been asked to turn around and touch her toes, what an amazing view and such an incredible looking ass.

Let’s zoom in and take a closer look from a slightly different angle, Mmm is that a lip slip I see?