From Famous Female Nip Slips To Celebrities Forgetting To Wear Panties.

I wouldn’t usually include such a minor panty flash but I found myself drawn towards this ass shot of Selena Gomez. I admit this isn’t the greatest celebrity oops moment you will ever see, it isn’t really much of a flash of her panties, you can actually only see the bottom of her leg elastic and that is only because Selena Gomez was wearing bright blue panties. If you have a thing about gorgeous women in their stockings you might find it more appealing than most, maybe I have a stockings fetish and I never realised it before?

Selena Gomez Pussy

Selena Gomez managed to give the front row (and those with zoom lenses) quite a show while performing on stage by exposing her vagina to them. Not intentionally mind you, her loose fitting leather shorts somehow managed to leave rather a nice gaping hole revealing her most intimate parts.


No doubt these pictures will appeal to lovers of celebrity oops and Selena Gomez and additionally those who love nylons. What do you think though, would it have been better to have seen her pussy exposed completely or does the fact that she has see through nylon covering it add to the appeal?


Selena Gomez was looking as hot as always modelling this bikini for the Spring Breakers photo shoot. We managed to get hold of this image before it is altered and airbrushed and as you can see Selena Gomez was showing just a little more than she probably wanted.


Cropped and enlarged we see Selena Gomez exposing a bit of a cameltoe, click on the bottom image to enlarge it further and enjoy her vulva up close and personal.



I recently posted a Selena Gomez crotch shot which managed to get a few of you voting. In truth it didn’t reveal much more than this image of Selena wearing a pair of shorts and giving us a look at her groin area as she crouches down. The camera could not have been more head on, an almost perfect view and one that allows our naughty imaginations to run wild.

Selena Gomez Groin

Okay I know this isn’t a nude celebrity image and it isn’t even close to an upskirt but would you prefer not to see Selena Gomez with her legs wide open? Imagine if those bikini bottoms were her panties, how exciting would that be?

With her beach skirt rolled up around her waist I love how this image has been taken at the perfect angle, it looks almost as if she were opening her legs specially for the crotch shot, she wouldn’t would she?

I bet when she see’s these images she will be glad that she remembered to do that bikini line, would anyone like to offer to rub some tanning lotion into those inner thighs?