From Famous Female Nip Slips To Celebrities Forgetting To Wear Panties.

Katy Perry is looking rather classy and more office girl material as she slips off a shoe to give her aching foot a quick rub. I know a few foot fetish fans and a few nylon lovers too who might be tempted to give something else a rub after seeing this upskirt moment of Katy Perry.


I wasn’t 100 percent certain as to whether Katy was wearing stockings or tights (Nylons to our USA friends) but on zooming in you can clearly see where the top of the flesh colour stocking meets the top of her thigh. At first I wasn’t sure either if Katy was wearing panties or not? The answer was YES she is wearing panties, they are flesh coloured and semi see through.

Forgive me for not using the zoomed in image, the quality isn’t very good, it just answers the question panties or pantyless and stockings or tights.

Katy Perry giving us a birds eye view of her panties as she stands behind a glass railing, shame she was standing with her legs firmly closed together, I guess he realises what a bunch or perverts we all are from below.

There are some fantastic art packages out there now, you will have seen them at work each and every day sometimes without even realising it. Packages that can shed a few pounds off a celebrity ass and tummy and ones that can change a persons complexion from looking like they have had a few late nights to gently sun kissed. I have been looking at some of the work of a guy who who calls himself x-ray.

This guy takes images of people and he increases various contrast and light controls while blanking out certain colours, this makes the image look kind of x-ray. The clothing has to be thin enough and just one layer away from the skin to be achievable but it looks great as you will see with this image of Kate Perrys Pussy.

I will try and bring you more of his work over the next few weeks, some people will still say it is fake, enhanced yes but these images are more genuine than most you will see on the front cover of a glossy magazine.