Celebrities upskirt panty flashing and baring all in sex tape scandals.

Discreet Fuck Date

Katy Perry is looking rather classy and more office girl material as she slips off a shoe to give her aching foot a quick rub. I know a few foot fetish fans and a few nylon lovers too who might be tempted to give something else a rub after seeing this upskirt moment of Katy Perry.


I wasn’t 100 percent certain as to whether Katy was wearing stockings or tights (Nylons to our USA friends) but on zooming in you can clearly see where the top of the flesh colour stocking meets the top of her thigh. At first I wasn’t sure either if Katy was wearing panties or not? The answer was YES she is wearing panties, they are flesh coloured and semi see through.

Forgive me for not using the zoomed in image, the quality isn’t very good, it just answers the question panties or pantyless and stockings or tights.

I can only assume that Sarah Harding wanted to share her cameltoe panties with the world as she didn’t really try that hard to stop her dress popping open at the front to reveal her flesh tone matching panties, I can’t help but wonder if this was more a publicity stunt?

Sarah Harding Panties

The panties look pretty tight as they cut nicely into her lady area revealing the outline of this Girls Aloud members vulva. Looking at that clear outline I would also imagine that Sarah is pretty smooth between the crotch, what do you think?

Sarah Harding Cameltoe

These images were taken in London yesterday 7th December as Ms Harding attended the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year Awards.


So Miley Cyrus once again stole the show at the MTV EMA’s in Amsterdam, not for her music but for appearing to light up a joint on stage andperforming her act in a rather painful looking outfit.

Is this not one of the best ever celebrity Cameltoes you have seen?

Celebrity Cameltoe

Miley Cyrus Cameltoe


Francesca Eastwood Fishnets

Francesca Eastwood Upskirt

Francesca Eastwood Panties

Francesca Eastwood showing off her panties under her sexy fishnet stockings as she forgets how to exit a car like a lady.

I wouldn’t have minded going to this Halloween party, okay there isn’t anything on show that Nicki didn’t want showing and these are images that she released via her twitter account but I still think they are as sexy as hell.

Isla Fisher Upskirt

I am expecting this one to receive a few low ratings. I have posted this upskirt image because it is a clear oops moment, however the large grey colour panties are less than flattering and not in the slightest bit sexy. With balloon in hand you would have to assume Isla was attending some kind of kids party so maybe it was a concious decision to ensure her lady bit were all fully covered.

Isla Fisher Ass


Penelope Cruz snapped topless while on holiday.

Selena Gomez Pussy

Selena Gomez managed to give the front row (and those with zoom lenses) quite a show while performing on stage by exposing her vagina to them. Not intentionally mind you, her loose fitting leather shorts somehow managed to leave rather a nice gaping hole revealing her most intimate parts.


No doubt these pictures will appeal to lovers of celebrity oops and Selena Gomez and additionally those who love nylons. What do you think though, would it have been better to have seen her pussy exposed completely or does the fact that she has see through nylon covering it add to the appeal?